Glass Doors

Glass doors create a wonderful focal point and lighting the interior adds to a room’s ambience. While selecting glass is a personal preference, there are extensive options and sure to be one just right for you.

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Seeded glass has pockets of tiny bubbles and usually a wavy quality. Its hand-crafted look and warm appeal make a natural fit for many applications.

Clear glass creates a wonderful display area for special items or every day dishes. The interior of the cabinet may be finished to match the rest of your kitchen or left natural as an accent.

Frosted glass is translucent and transmits light while obscuring items behind it making an ideal choice for creating ambiance.

Textured glass has a pattern creating visual appeal and is available in numerous styles and finishes. A few names are Wave vue, Floreal, Rainy vue, Flemish, Bamboo, Sea vue, Autumn and the list is almost endless…

Leaded glass panels are created by combining multiple small pieces of glass, which may be stained, textured or beveled and arranged in a design to create the final piece. Lighting in cabinets is reflected through the glass creating a wide range of colors under different lighting conditions.

Wire is an excellent choice to create a unique look. Available is a variety of patterns from country, colonial, transitional, contemporary and a must see to appreciate.

Mirror can add a striking appearance when used instead of glass. It is available in standard, smoked in several colors, antique, silvered, etched and will create the appearance of enlarging a room. When adding this element be mindful of the location and what will be reflected.

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